The Smell of Sunscreen

Do you like the smell of sunscreen? I do. I love it! You know the feeling when the sun is out and you have no plans for the whole day. Clearly, a perfect excuse to do nothing but worship the beauty and warmth of it! I have tried to learn from my mistakes and avoid laying in the sun for hours and ending up crying over my red face the next day. So, today I enjoyed the sun but decided to stay active instead of simply falling asleep under the sun... pretending to read a book. First I took few pictures in our backyard which turned out to be nice since I found a baby frog with whom I had a little photo shoot. Poor thing must have been scared.  Afterwards I had a nice walk with my roommate and ended up having lunch at our local shopping quarter. We actually wanted to do some grocery shopping but clearly completely forgot that shops don't usually operate on public holidays. Funny how sun makes you forget things. Or maybe it was the summery smell of sunscreen. Even cats thought we were silly! :)


Erjuska says:
at: 6/02/2011 said...

Kiva aurinkoinen postaus pammoineen ja kieltä näyttävine kissoineen : ) Haliterkuin Mamu

Elisabeth says:
at: 6/03/2011 said...

Kauniita kuvia niinkuin aina, kuin suoraan mainoksesta :) Tuo kissan ilme on loistava!