Zandvoort | Holland

Today I took my first breath of fresh sea air for the summer! Believe it or not, I didn't have to go too far to make that happen. Actually, we simply took one short metro trip, followed by a 15 minute train ride from Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Zandvoort station. Zandvoort, located on the North Sea, close to a beautiful city of Haarlem, is a lively and beautiful beach resort which can actually make you feel like you are on a holiday... The fun lasted until the wind got too strong destroying our little camp and spicing our lunch snacks with a thick layer of sand. Strawberries didn't survive! Therefore, we ended the day with a stroll up and down along the shore and sat down on one of the beach bars for an early evening drink.


Erjuska says:
at: 6/04/2011 said...

Ihania kuvia. Voi oisinpa ollut paikalla niin olisin kerännyt noita ihania simpukan kuoria : )

Haleja <3 T. Mamu