Rest in Peace Old Friend

13 years ago, in May 1998, we got a puppy. The cutest little dog I have ever seen.  From the first moment she sat on my lap in the car on her first trip to her new home, I knew that this dog was special. She sat proudly in the back seat with me and my brother and happily accepted the fact that she would become part of our family.

It is amazing how many years those same eyes would follow your every step and the years after years she would always be happy to greet you no matter how long you were gone. Years passed and our dog Lotta got older when we were busy living. When I was 19, I left Finland for the first time. Around the same time Lotta got very sick and I was already prepared to say our goodbyes since I would be gone for more than a year. She was getting older and I could see that she wouldn't live another summer because of her health concerns. (Believe if or not...She lived 5 more summers after that!)

Year after year I kept coming back home from different destinations and she would be waiting for me. In total, I said goodbyes more than 10 times, knowing that she might not be there when I get back. Each time she remembered that I was part of the pack and each time she was there, happily wagging her tail and showing me the way to my room.

This time, when I go back to Finland, everything will be different. After all these years, it was time for her to go and get her well deserved sleep. It seems that she needed to wait for me to finish my school and know that I will be doing fine. She will always be in my heart as one of my best friends who I grew up with, who I shared my tears and happy moments, who were always there for my homecomings and was always sad to see me leave.

Rest in peace old friend. you will be surely missed!