A Slice of Life

For me, picture taking is a lifestyle. My camera is without a doubt my favorite piece of technology and it follows me everywhere. Since I started writing this blog I have tried to challenge myself in taking photos with different themes and projects...and since I try to update this blog on a daily basis it is quite important to keep things interesting and find new sources of inspiration. Luckily, I feel that there is so much to learn about photography and I feel extremely motivated in learning more camera techniques and skills. The other day I found a website called I Heart Faces, which is a great resource for all kinds of photo tips and advice. The site also features a weekly photo challenge which I am planning to use as my source of inspiration from time to time. This week's challenge is to capture a slice of life and photograph people in their daily activities and routines. I started this Friday by capturing few moments of my study filled morning trying to act like I didn't see the camera being pointed at me. Well... clearly I had to arrange some fake routines since my camera is not capable of follow me around on its own. Anyway, being excited about real life simplicity, the plan of action for weekend is to find some friendly faces and capture their slice of life.


gabriele says:
at: 3/26/2011 said...

soooooo beautful!!!!

Marinella says:
at: 3/26/2011 said...

very very nice!!!!!!!

Erjuska says:
at: 3/26/2011 said...

Tuo kuva jossa nukut kirjan kanssa on mulle hyvin tuttu tilanne - kun on pitänyt lukea tenttiin, niin huomaakin että on nukkunut pari tuntia : )

Mukavaa viikonloppua sulle lapseni <3