I Heart Faces - Slice of Life

I think this picture captures innocence and uncertainty of life... How sometimes we don't know which way to go and while you stand still, life is still happening around you. (Like pigeons walking behind you...) These candid moments which are truly unplanned…..simply shows life as it happens. Therefore, this is my pick for this week's 'Slice of Life' photo challenge on I Heart Faces


tongchen@seattle says:
at: 3/28/2011 said...

Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
Are you living in Netherlands?
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Joanamatos says:
at: 3/28/2011 said...

Nice submission, love the picture, congrats!

Dion says:
at: 3/28/2011 said...

Such a cool photo! I love everything about it!

Eef en Lot says:
at: 3/28/2011 said...

Wow nice pics! we love your blog! Go girl!


ps: Maybe you will follow us?

Jenni says:
at: 3/28/2011 said...

Hey you all,
thank you for the comments! Indeed I live in Amsterdam and the weather is wonderful and life is good! Keep in touch! xx