Shaped as a Heart

On Friday I saw a movie called the Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. The movie itself wasn't the greatest but it did have some interesting ideas about whether we have the control of our own destiny or is there a plan of life for each of us which we can't change.  I have always been a believer of good Karma and sometimes you realise only afterwards how one little decision you made changed your whole life path completely. I could tell you thousands of these stories, but I wanted to share this little observation of what happened after we saw the movie. So right after the movie, we were having few drinks at my Friends place...talking about the usual things; school, love and life in general and we opened  a bag of chips which I chose at the store. I didnt even know why I chose that particular brand or flavor, but it just felt as a good option. haha. So a friend of mine poured the chips in the bowl, and one of the first chips I picked was shaped as a perfect heart. I thought it was so funny, considering our movie and discussions before. And then I started thinking what is the process of making these chips...Very industrially produced and shipped to this country from who knows where...then brought to this particular store where I happened to pick up this particular bag of chips on that same day when we have been discussing about how one thing leads to another. I mean imagine, even during our way home, the heart shaped potato chip could have been destroyed while it was in the shopping bag leaning against the wine bottle or during our run to catch the bus it could have easily been broken. Let alone what could have happened to it during his whole little journey. Maybe you think I am crazy, but I do think about these things! haha.


Erjuska says:
at: 4/04/2011 said...

Toi sydänsipsi sopii jotenkin niin hyvin sun elämäntilanteeseen : ) Rakkautta ilmassa enemmänkin.