Crema di Pollo

It is always nice to learn new ways to cook and experiment with food. I eat quite a lot of chicken but I have never imagined to put chicken in a creamy soup...To me it sounded a bit strange to blend the chicken into a paste and mix it in the soup but trust me, it was delicious! My master chef boyfriend convinced me... ;) The original recipe was in Italian and I cannot remember it right now, but let me give you a quick overview what was needed to make this soup! Basically you will only need some boneless chicken, vegetables, cream and spices.

First, boil the chicken together with onion, carrot and rosemary in a vegetable broth. When the chicken is completely white, it should be cooked and removed from the water. Cut up the chicken, trying not to burn your fingers and smash the chicken using a blender. Sift the stock and put it back on the stove to get it boiling. Add the chicken paste with a cup of cream. Let it simmer while you fry some bread croutons on a pan. Add some spices like pepper and salt.