Inspirational To-Do List

I got so inspired after I came across with this wallpaper! I am actually planning on making one of those and hanging it to my wall. If that is actually going to happen, I am sure to tell you. Anyway...I decided to write down 100 inspirational things which I would like to do now or sometime in the immediate future! :) 

1. Find the motivation for school projects
2. Speak fluent Spanish
3. Start taking guitar lessons
4. Keep in touch with friends and family more often
5. Save money each month
6. Take more photos
7. Be awesome at cooking
8. Write a diary (An actually keep writing it for more than a week...)
9. Get my boyfriend talking to me in Italian
10. Read a book every month
11. Learn to photograph portraits
12. Eat slower
13. Relax and not only thinking about relaxing
14. Find a new band to listen to
15. Think like a kid (Watch 'Kittens inspired by kittens' on YouTube)
16. Stop impulsive buying behavior
17. Start reading the Economist
18.Waste less time on Facebook
19. Print some photos
20. Visit a new city
21. Reply to all the e-mails right away
22. Waste less water
23. Finish things already started
24. Stop thinking too much
25. Start running in the mornings
26. Go to an exhibition
27. Be more creative
28. Trust your instincts
29. Make a photo book
30. No more 5 puppy videos in a row
31. Never buy the cheapest wine
32. Make more phone calls
33. Clean the desktop
34. Buy new version of Photoshop
35. Find a job
36. Plant some flowers
37. Go to a concert
38. Do something you have never done before
39. Wake up earlier
40. Stop forgetting people's birthdays
41. Say hi to people you barely know
42. Wear high heels more often
43. Stop using Master Card
44. Don't leave things hanging
45. Go to a restaurant you have never been
46. Find a new friend
47. Keep up with schedules
48. Forget the time on Sundays
49. Update the blog daily
50. Ask more questions
51. Take initiative
52. Invite friends over every week
53. Send a postcard
54. Start painting
55. Have a night out with girls
56. Stop worrying over things beyond your control
57. Learn a new photography technique
58. Don't be embarrassed to complain
59. Read news in different languages
60. Make a portfolio
61. Read the magazines you bought but didn't read
62. Log in to Linked In
63. Go to the dentist
64. Think about your dreams before getting up in the morning
65. Try to name all the birds in your neighborhood
66. Watch more documentaries
67. Stop making stupid excuses
68. Sit straight
69. Bike to places instead of using the metro
70. Buy a sketch book (And use it!)
71. Do more handwriting
72. Buy more fruits
73. Think about last summer
74. Improve your Swedish
75. Look at some old pictures
76. Plan a weekend trip
78. Take photos of wild animals
79. Go to a wedding
80. Eat more sushi
81. Get a new perspective
82. Make more jokes
83. Get inspired daily
84. Surprise someone
85. Enroll a Yoga class
86. Be more spontaneous
87. Rewrite your CV
88. Don't forget the grocery list
89. Play board games
90. Have a potluck
91. Visit a free museum
92. Learn the basics of a topic you know nothing about
93. Scan some old pictures
94. Rearrange the furniture
95. Go camping by the lake
96. Make homemade pasta
97. Try meditation
98. Blow bubbles in the sunset
99. Write a letter to your future self
100. Never say never


Erjuska says:
at: 3/24/2011 said...

Hahaa...ihana. Tossa riittää totisesti tekemistä : )

Ei muuta kuin aloittamaan. Milloin ajattelit saada valmiiksi ton listan?

Jenni says:
at: 3/24/2011 said...

No ei tohon mitään deadlineja oo.. mutta kuhan ees yhen sais tehtyy näin aluks. :D Ainaki lista on jo olemassa. Siitä se lähtee...