The Power of Facebook

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Friday. I don't think I have told you that I am doing my Bachelor thesis on the topic 'Social Media in Marketing Communications Planning for Entrepreneurs'. As you can imagine, I have been reading quite a lot lately, especially on Social Media. For weeks, I have been planning on making a Facebook page for this blog and finally yesterday I got myself into doing it. It is actually quite interesting not only from my blog point of view but clearly also in relation to my research project. Lately I feel like a nerd since 90% of my time goes watching my computer screen...well I don't actually mind as I enjoy most of the computer based activities... Clearly, updating this blog is a great fun similarly to editing pictures and reading about picture editing. Then there is some Skype calls mostly to my boyfriend in Barcelona but gotta not forget my family in Finland and friends here and there. Finally, there is the stuff which should be my number one priority -  writing my thesis. as you can imagine, sometimes it is easy to drop few of these activities school activities. Luckily, I have realised that all the above is basically linked to one another! In a way, me writing a blog as a photographer can easily be one example of the power of social media for today's entrepreneurs. Which in the end, is the backbone of my research. Please have a look at my Facebook page by clicking the heart! <3