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It is always nice to receive a postcard and usually I am one of those people who forgets to send them. I have done a quite a bit of travelling during the last 5 years and gotten a chance to live in 4 different countries for a longer period. I guess the novelty of postcards somewhat died. Today I decided to create some postcards myself! As you can see, today I got inspired to have a look at my old photo archives and decided to post a picture selection of some of my favorite cities in Europe. So I guess this could be called a postcard inspiration...Ever wondered why some of the postcards you see in the market are not that creative?



Erjuska says:
at: 3/27/2011 said...

Kiva postaus. Ruotsi, kotimaa ja Bremen oli mun lempparikuvia tuossa kuvakimarassa.

Haliterkuin Mamu : )