Plans for the Summer

Hi everyone! A lot has changed since the last time I updated my blog! The most important news is that I am nearly finished with my school and I got a good grade for my Bachelor Thesis. That means that I can start applying for jobs and start making plans for the summer. And of course find a dress for my graduation in July! So the near future plan is to pack once again and move to Barcelona! I really cannot wait to finally live with my boyfriend and start working. I love studying but I am so ready to work! Anyway.. what comes to the short term plans, there will be some fun stuff coming up! Tomorrow I will be going to Groningen to visit a friend of mine. We met in New York 6 years ago but have been in contact ever since. We try to meet each other at least once a year in different places. Looking forward to that and of course to see the new town. Good chance to get some nice pictures.Today's pic is this funny little guy, a baby Magpie, who we found sitting on our backyard the other day. I thought he was adorable!! Never seen them so small!


Erjuska says:
at: 6/10/2011 said...

Kivoja uutisia ja ihana pikkuinen vaakku varis : ) Haleja t. Mamu <3