Few Words for the Graduation

It is amazing that school is over. For me it really feels like an era ending since I have not been studying in one place throughout my studies. I have realised that few things remained the same throughout those 4 years and that is the fact that I was always close to the people who I used to call my classmates, and who I now call my friends. It is also sad to realise that our lives will move in different directions as some people will stay in Amsterdam, some move back to Helsinki and some move to other random places.

The truth is, I will miss everyone. Without these people and their support and friendship I would have never got to this stage of my life. Special note goes to: Karoliina, for sharing our thoughts on a daily basis while living under the same roof and by coincidence ending up in same places at the same time; 2 Lauras and Elisa, for all the stimulating discussions and observations, for the sleepless nights before deadlines, and for all the fun we have had in the last four years. (And of course for dealing with all the crap which occasionally came our way...) I will also surely miss my old roommate Mila and all the other great people like Stefan, Stella, Cedrick, Anki, and John. This goes to all of you, thank you for taking this journey with me and smiling back at me when I needed it.