Bialetti | Coffee

When I make coffee at home, I always think about 2 things. My boyfriend and Italy. Well, the obvious reason for that is that my boyfriend is Italian and thanks to him, I have adopted certain behaviors from him.. One of these is the fact that I have mornings when I feel like eating something sweet for breakfast. Yes, for some of you this might be completely normal, but as a Finnish person I have gotten used to eating something salty every morning since I was a kid. There is a big difference whether you eat a cookie or croissant next to Italian espresso or if you go for a big cheese sandwich with a glass of milk. To be honest, I love both... and I love my boyfriend for the understanding that we Finns drink milk with basically every meal. :)


gabriele says:
at: 3/22/2011 said...

and I love you!

Cinzia says:
at: 3/22/2011 said...

you are so sweet =)
i love italian espresso!!
baci jenniiiiiiiiii