Little Info on Cameras

I think some of you might have wondered what sort of camera I have and what other equipment I need in order to capture the images I want. Currently, I have a very basic Digital SLR camera which is perfect for starting photographers but also have a great manual function in case you want to do everything on your own. I have always liked Canon and therefore all my cameras including small digital point and shoot cameras were always from the same company. Sincle SLR is quite big to carry with you at all times (even if I wanted!) I always have at least my little Canon Ixus in my bag no matter where I go... 

The SLR I currently have carries the name EOS 1000D also known as the Rebel XX. Maybe you have heard of other canon series cameras and if you need to compare this model with something you could say that my camera is a stripped down 450D or a improved version of 400D. I bought my camera roughly about 4 years ago and it has served me well to this day. If you like to read more about this camera, more info can be found on Canon's own website.

Next to my camera I have invested in 3 lenses which I can highly recommend!! Makes things more fun to be able to play with different lenses! They are all very affordable, yet they all have very different functions. 
The lenses I currently have are: 
1. The very basic: Canon 18-55/ f3.5-5.6  (Bundled with 1000D)
2. The low light loving, low aperture: Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens
3. The great zoom: Tamron AF 70-300mm f4-5.6 Macro 1:2

Other than that, my 3 other favorite camera equipment include a camera bag I got from my boyfriend, a tripod  and the program I can spend hours with, Photoshop. At this point I have to say that since I am  not professional, it took me a while to have money for all the equipment I have today and clearly throughout the years my main focus was on learning more about photography, not about spending hundreds of euros. Anyway, as a last note, these pictures of my cameras and lenses were taken using both of my cameras...I think you can see that the ones taken with my SLR are a bit better... ;) For these shots, I have also used the very basic of all my lenses. Clearly, these photos didn't quite look as good when regarded as SOOC. (Straight out of the camera...) As I love to do some finishing touches to some of my photos, with the help of photoshop, I could create an illusion that they were taken in a studio...Trust me, I took these pictures in my room, on top of a white box. :)