Dutch Light | Holland

Long time ago, I came across an ancient myth that there is something magical in the concept of light in Holland. It has been said that it is different from anywhere else, and the Netherlands became popular among painters and writers who were intrigued by this phenomena. Maybe that is also one reason why many artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh enjoyed painting their landscapes here in Holland. Whether it is a myth or not, I have always enjoyed the Dutch scenery both in the city and in the countryside. 18th century writer and philosopher Diderot once said that Holland can have all the four seasons in one day! That sentence sounds very bizarre, but actually I think there is a hint of truth in it. I experienced a little bit of that strange light the other day when we were having an afternoon walk around the Jordaan district, in the centre of Amsterdam. The weather was sunny, yet cold. Looked a bit rainy, yet full of light. It was extremely windy, yet the mystical fog made it look calm and warm in the pictures.