Some of you might have heard of the website called Pinterest...I am a big fan! According to the creators, the site works as a social catalogue service. Sort of like a virtual pinboard! It is a page, where you can add collections of things you love. So, when you’re browsing the web, catching up on interesting blogs and you see something inspiring you just 'Pin' it and it’s there – saved for later inspiration.

I have started creating boards on numerous categories; Fashion, Travel, Photography, Cooking, Living and plenty of other topics. The site is still relatively new and to sign-up you will need an invite...So, if you would be interested in Pinning, please send me your e-mail address and I can send the invite for the few lucky people. In the meanwhile, check out my Pinboards by clicking the picture below!


SNanna says:
at: 4/14/2011 said...

Heyyy :D I'd like a pinvite, if you have any left...


PS. Are you coming to the reunion?


Barcelonette (c) says:
at: 4/15/2011 said...

thanks for following!! I follow your blog too. I am amazed by your pictures, you are such a great photographer.



Marisa says:
at: 4/16/2011 said...

i'd love a pinterest invite if you still have one to share! marisawritesblog (at) gmail dot com

Jenni says:
at: 4/17/2011 said...

Sanna and Marisa,
I have sent you both the Pinterest invites.. hope it worked.


Thank you for the lovely comments!

Enjoy your sunday!